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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Domestic Violence and Legal Enforcement

Domestic Violence and Legal Enforcement
Domestic violence is violence perpetrated in the household. Either by the husband, wife or child. Causes of domestic violence in general is suffering and economic needs are not met. Though there have been attempts by the law protection which aims to provide protection against those who torture and threats of legal action to the culprit. But still it does not make the offender stop violence and without any anxiety in doing so.

In this day and age has a lot of people doing violence, whether violence is simple or serious violence. Even they do not realize what they are doing is wrong or right. Violence can also occur when a person feels threatened when there was danger to her and tried to fight back. Violence is done to keep action in order to avoid a hazard. For example, when the wife threatened to divorce her husband or report to certain parties.

If there is violence in the family, many people try to cover it because it is considered a family problem. This is done to maintain the good name of his family and privacy in order not to be the talk of the crowd. On the one hand, there is a violent husband when his wife of immoral acts such as cheating or even having sex with a man not her husband own. It could be the cause because the husband was often away working out of town and he does not give more attention to his wife. So happened that made his wife's affair in secret. But the cause and action taken in the above example is not the correct one.

In order to prevent domestic violence, people who commit violence must learn to keep emotions out of hand and learn from mistakes so as not to pose a risk to be faced. Acts of violence is basically an attempt to achieve what he wants or a retaliation. But what's done is something wrong and dangerous. How to overcome to prevent violence there must be a continuous involvement of outside parties, such as law enforcement, especially for marriage or family law. Because if not, the perpetrators of violence will be and becoming rampant.

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